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Schroth Quick Fit - Mini

Schroth Quick Fit - Mini

Now available for 2007+ Mini's!

After far too much trouble and a long wait, we can finally offer Quick Fit harnesses for owners of R55, R56 and R57 Minis. The seats just passed their tests, and we're ready to ship them out the door!

The Quick Fit Harness from Schroth is an excellent harness solution for people who have dual duty cars (track and street). Not many of us have the means to support a full time track vehicle as well as a street car, and still more of us like driving track-prepared cars on the street. The ultimate harness solution includes fixed-back Kevlar seats, a gazillion point welded roll-cage and a HANS device.... . .

On Special

The OMP Dynamo is a 2 layer Nomex race suit that features a modern and stylish dual colour design. The outer external layer is made of a high quality fabric and an inner layer of soft knit Nomex fabric for enhanced breathability and driver comfort. Fully floating sleeves allow excellent freedom of movement......


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