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New From SCHROTH - Mustang QuickFit & SHR Flex Head Restraint

FrontSide4SCHROTH has released a new QuickFit and QuickFit Pro for all Generation 5 Ford Mustangs from 2004-2014. It works the same as all the other QuickFit Products from SCHROTH, where the belts attach to factory mounting locations, and utilize factory seat belt receptacles to take advantage of factory engineering and alleviate the need for drilling holes.

Read more about the QuickFit and QuickFit Pro for the Mustang to decide which is for you.

Also New from SCHROTH Racing - the SHR FLEX™

The SHR FLEX™ is the latest in FHR (Frontal Head Restraint) technology. Designed and developed by the team at SCHROTH we have improved on comfort, fit and flexibility verses existing systems on the market.

The new SHR FLEX™ is a dynamic Head and Neck Protection system with many technological advances.

Design highlights include patent pending dynamic articulation of the collar, a rate responsive bump stop to manage peak neck tension loads as well as a stabilizing dual tether system and form fitting lower legs to provide optimal fit and reduce interference with the seat.

SHRFLEXThe SHR FLEX™ has been designed with a low collar to be angle independent of your seating position and the pliable legs form fit to the upper body and chest of the user providing excellent stability without the need for excessive padding systems.

New Location!

We've opened a new location in Mooresville, NC. Our hours there are as follows:

Monday - Friday 9AM to 6PM
Saturday by Appointment - 978-406-4100
Pro team parts pickup hours 7:30AM to 4PM


Featured Product

HJC AR10 II - Rubbertone

HJC AR10 II - Rubbertone

  • Lightweight fiberglass shell construction.
  • Meets or exceeds SNELL SA2010.
  • Plush, removable & washable Nomax Interior.
  • Double D-ring retention system.
  • Advanced ACS ventilation system.
  • Size available from XS to XXL

On Special

New 3 layer suit, with external layer made of the new sateen fabric with contrasting inserts made of shiny Nomex®. Middle layer of ultra-light padding, inner layer of soft knit fabric. "Precurved" (A) design of the arms. Arm bellows (B), inner collar (C) and lumbar insert (D) made of elastic interlock knit......

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