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Hello users of our website! This is your friendly web administrator telling you to keep calm and enjoy the beginnings of spring. We are not using the affected version of OpenSSL that you've been reading about in the news. So your information is still secure with us.

Carry on!

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ST30 DES Intercom

ST30 DES Intercom

The 2009 IRC champion intercom. Wireless connection with bluetooth mobile phone.

Well-known as a top expression among professional intercoms, today, with the DES version, ST-30 also is the first intercom with wireless connection to Bluetooth mobile phones.

Please note: The unit is sold bare - with no wiring harnesses. You need to order the harnesses separately.

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The OMP Dynamo is a 2 layer Nomex race suit that features a modern and stylish dual colour design. The outer external layer is made of a high quality fabric and an inner layer of soft knit Nomex fabric for enhanced breathability and driver comfort. Fully floating sleeves allow excellent freedom of movement......


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